Sell your Images at LIMES as a gallery owner
You are an owner of a gallery and want to sell digital images (not the originals) of your artists?
LIMES has the perfect solution for you.
Please, make sure that you need the consent of your artists for the sale of the digital images.

You will receive 50% share of the sales of your images via LIMES.
You can choose the selling price for your images by your own. You can chose between six different price categories.  
More information about prices
  The income will be transfered to your bank account to the end of the calendar quarter, if the income is higher than 20 Euro. If the amount is below 20 Euro. In the case of a transfer to an account abroad, the Authors has to pay the costs additional to the transfer.

Image Quality / File Size
Your file should be in JPG format and in RGB colour mode.
Please ensure that your image has a file size between 350 KB and 25 MB.
If one side of your image is smaller than 1200 pixels, your image can be sold only in WEB-resolution!

Homepage for Gallery Owner
Every Gallery Owner at LIMES can set up its own homepage only with the images of its artists.
You can set up your hompage under "Gallery Homepage". This possibility exists only, if one of your image is displayed on our internet platform.   Poster and Calendar File for Private Customer   LIMES offers the possibility to design own poster and calendar to private customers. The poster or calendar can be downloaded as a pdf file to print out.
The customer can only use images which have been offered for poster and calendar by the author.
The income for the poster file depends on the quality (pixel size) of your uploaded image and for the calendar file you get for each used image a fixed income.
The height of your income can be very easily calculated by using the price tables for poster or calendar file. You still receive 50% share of the sales.
The poster and calendar file may be used only for private and non-commercial purposes! This offer will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms of the Conditions.   3 Steps how to upload and caption your image   1. Register as a Gallery Owner
You need to create a member's account before you can sell the images of your artists. The registration is for free. You can register as a gallery owner by clicking "Login" or "Galeries" and "Register as a gallery owner".
Fill out the registration form. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Your password will be sent to you by email.
For more information, please see the infobox marked with a question mark.   2. Upload Images
Login after registration and under the menu items "My Gallery" and "Upload Images" you can upload your images on our server.
Click "Browse" and select an image file from your hard drive or other data medium. Your file should be in JPG format and in RGB colour mode. By clicking "Upload Images" the uploading of your image starts.
For more information, please see the infobox marked with a question mark.   3. Image Caption
First select an image from the upper table by clicking on the image or image number. Use the form to caption your image. Please note that fields marked with a star are mandatory and must be filled out.
For more information, please see the infobox marked with a question mark.

Support of social projects
A part of our profit is used to support social projects.

Data Protection
We shall not transmit your data to other third parties or make use of them for advertising purposes. You can effect a deletion of your data at any time. Please send us an email.