LIMES Image Agency - "Build a Bridge"
The LIMES GbR wants to make an intercultural exchange within and outside the European Union. Why have we chosen the name LIMES?

The Limes was the border between the Roman Empire and the tribes of the north. The Roman Empire wanted to protect themselves against the "barbarians". The history has shown that this and other walls don't have any durable endure.

The enlargement of the EU should not create new frontiers in the east and south of our continent. By supporting inter-cultural understanding of people and in particular artists from the EU and outside of the EU the new boundaries should be permeable.

In this case, LIMES wants to initiate commercial and noncommercial projects. A first step was taken by the cartoon exhibition "LIMES - New Borders on the Edge of Europe", in 2004, sponsored by the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin and was already shown several times.

By the establishment of the LIMES Image Agency a next step was taken to establish contacts within and outside of the EU. In particular photographers, illustrators and artists outside of the EU should be encouraged to take part in our project.

A part of our profit is used to support social projects.

For the LIMES Image Agency

Paul Gross and Michael Rufman