Online Advertising easy, quick & cheap at LIMES  LIMES the new Image Agency LIMES is an online image agency for royalty free images. We do not offer only photographs, but also caricatures, illustrations and digitized reproductions of artworks.  International Orientation The LIMES Image Agency is a globally operating company. We try to offer our website in as many as possible languages. Soon it will be translated into Russian. Our international awareness level could be increased by the 1st International Cartoon Competition "Plagiarism" 2010. 180 cartoonists from 53 countries participated in the competition.  Attractive Target Groups Our website is mainly visited by photographers, illustrators, cartoonists and artists. They have the possibility to sell their images on our Internet platform.  Support social projects by your online advertising LIMES wants to initiate commercial and non-commercial projects. A part of our profit is used to support social projects. We offer our online advertising space for charity associations and social projects for free.
Place your advertising in just few steps   1. Choice of your Banner You can choose between two different types of Banners    Top Banner with link to your website
The Top Banner is located in the head section with a maximum size of 468 up to 800x60 Pixel. It will be displayed on every LIMES site with banner rotation.    Side Banner with link to your website
The Side Banner is located on the right side and you can choose between two different sizes: 150x190 Pixel and 150x95 Pixel. The banner will be displayed without rotation on the site you have choosen.   Prices and Order 2. Registration Register with your personal data. Fill out the registration form.
We shall not transmit your data to other third parties or make use of them for advertising purposes. You can effect a deletion of your data at any time. Please send us an email. 3. Send Order After registration the summary of your order will be displayed. Choose your method of payment and accept the general terms and conditions for online advertising. Your password for login will be sent to you by email. 4. Upload of your banner image Login with your email address and your password. You can upload your banner image in your personal area.    Accepted Dateiformate: JPEG, GIF and animated GIFs
 Maximum File Size: 50 KB   Finally we place your online advertising on our website.